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Discover the activities you can enjoy without leaving the hotel.

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We are the Best Option

Banana Lodge is located on the banks of the Misahuallí River and takes its name from the bananas growing abundantly around it.

From the hotel, there is a stunning view of the Misahuallí River and the primary jungle. Guests can take a dip in the river, go fishing, and sunbathe on the private beach.

Jungle Tours

The tour starts on the beach where join 2 rivers Napo and Misahualli The canoe firs heads towards indigenous family where you can see how they elaborate natural fiber, ceramics and plantations.

The next activity is a walk of 1-2 hours in the primary forest where you can get an explanation of vegetation in the jungle, see some insects/frogs and understand how the native people use local nature in their routine life.

Finishing trekking, you can continue down the river making tubing, heading to the place of lunch.

After lunch, the group heads to Amazoonico - the animal rescue center or optionally to another trekking to see the traps in their natural size and plantations of pineapples.

The last destination is an indigenous community where they perform dances and preparation of chicha of manioc.

During the day on the river you can see gold washers and daily life of the families, living by the rivers.

The price includes lunch, all entrance fees, transportation during the tour, rubber boots. Our guide speaks Spanish and English. The tour is performed by one of the travel agencies of Misahualli.

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1-Day tour on a Motorboat

Duration: 9am - 6pm

Price: 65 USD per person for a group from 4 persons.


Visitors to Misahuallí have the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the serene beauty of nature.

From thrilling jungle excursions and wildlife encounters to tranquil river cruises and immersive cultural experiences, Misahuallí has something for every type of traveler.

Advantages of staying at Banana Lodge


By including breakfast in our lodge, we provide our guests with the convenience of not having to worry about finding a place to have breakfast outside the premises. 

They can enjoy a delicious meal in our cozy dining area before embarking on their daily adventures.

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Direct Entrance to the River

Our direct entrance to the river allows all our guests to be in direct contact with the lush natural beauty of Misahuallí.

This connection with nature is perfect for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Natural Environment

Being surrounded by nature connects us with the natural world and allows us to appreciate its beauty and wonders.

At our lodge, our guests have the opportunity to explore trails, admire the native wildlife, and discover the unique biodiversity of Misahuallí.

This connection with nature helps us reconnect with our environment and develop a greater appreciation for the natural world.

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Private Balcony

The private balconies offer our guests an exclusive outdoor space where they can relax and enjoy moments of tranquility.

They can read a book, savor a cup of coffee, or simply delight in the fresh breeze.

This private space allows them to escape and enjoy an intimate and personal atmosphere, adding a special touch to their lodging experience in Misahuallí.

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Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is an oasis of natural beauty within our lodge.

Guests can stroll along the trails, enjoy the colors and aromas of the flowers, and experience a sense of peace and serenity.

The natural environment of the botanical garden provides a visually appealing and relaxing experience, which contributes to the well-being and relaxation of our guests.

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Endemic Insects

The region of Misahuallí is known for its incredible biological diversity, hich includes a wide variety of endemic insects.

Observing and learning about these insects provides our guests with the opportunity to appreciate the richness of life in the region and understand the importance of conserving these unique ecosystems.

This experience allows our guests to directly connect with the nature that surrounds them.

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Swim in the River

Immersing yourself in the waters of the river provides a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

It is a natural way to escape the heat and enjoy the coolness of the water.

Guests can relax, swim, and revitalize themselves in a natural and peaceful environment.

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Beautiful Landscapes

Beautiful landscapes can awaken inspiration and stimulate creativity.

Our guests can take advantage of these picturesque surroundings, natural landscapes can trigger ideas and emotions, providing an enriching and stimulating experience.

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